The New Moon


The New Moon starts tonight at 9:59 pm. I’m one of those crazy people that love the new moon as much if not more than the full moon. The new moon is the time when you set your goals for the next couple of weeks. I don’t like making long term goals specially when it comes to weight loss. I love setting short term goals because you are more apt to achieve them, and when you achieve small goals it lifts your spirits and motivates you to keep going.

During the new moon I meditate a lot. I make sure I meditate outside for 30 mins before the Sun comes up and for 30 mins outside before the Sun goes down. I also find that during the new moon I like to meditate to Native American spiritual drumming. You can find lots of videos on YouTube, In fact I’ll add a couple links at the end of this post.

during the new moon the night sky is darker, stars seem brighter and you will find yourself sleeping more. This is a time when your body is just recharging. But at the same time this is a powerful time and you will find yourself wanting to be more creative. It’s time to write more, read more, paint, color, garden, sing, dance……. get outside and LIVE.

This is also a time of deep reflections. This is the time you want to think about how to make your life better, how to make your job better, how to make your relationships better… This is your journey and you need to do what is right for YOU.



My New Moon Ritual…..

  • Cleanse House-
    First thing I do is pray while smudging my whole house with white sage.
    I also burn lavender, rosemary and mugwort every morning for 2-4 days.
  • Cleanse Body-
    Bathe with sea salt, lavender oil then I smudge my body with white sage.
  • Cleanse Mind-
    Meditate for 30 minutes in the morning before the sun comes up and 30 mins before the sun goes down.
  • Release and Charge Crystals-
    I place my stones and crystals on a window seal that has direct sun and moon light.
    I usually leave them there 2-4 day. This will release the built up negative energy and
    recharge it with positive energy.
  • Write Your Intention-
    I keep a moon journal. I write my intention down, pray and ask God for strength.

Videos I love………

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