The Full Moon

Happy New Year. Today is January 1st and there is a beautiful full Wolf moon in the deep blue sky. This month has two full moons, a Wolf moon and a Blue moon. They are also both Supermoons so I have no doubt 2018 will be a wonderful year. The Farmer’s Almanac can explain it better than I can.

I have decided that 2018 will be my year of Self Love. I want to slow down and get back to nourishing my mind, body and soul. From this day forward I am letting go and releasing everything that does not serve my highest level of excellence.

I have loved the Bella Luna ( Beautiful Moon ) since I was a little girl. My Italian grandmother would take me outside so we could lay on a blanket in the backyard, talk about the moon, watch shooting stars speed pass while eating  s’mores. So many great childhood memories.  When I started this blog I wanted to make sure I had a special section just for the Bella Luna and my rituals.

I am a Christian raised in the Baptist Church but my Father also followed many Native American spiritual teachings so I was taught moon rituals from a very young age. With every full moon I have a ritual I do to release and forgive. Everyone has a different ritual so I’m going to share my ritual and then share a couple videos I love.


My Full Moon Ritual…

  • Cleanse House-
    First thing I do is smudge my whole house with white sage.
  • Cleanse Body-
    Bathe with sea salt, lavender oil and Florida water then I smudge my body with white sage.
  • Cleanse Mind-
    Meditate for 30 minutes
  • Cleanse Stones and Crystals-
    I place my stones and crystals in large glass containers, fill it with water and let it sit outside for 24 hours. Then I wash them off and they are cleansed and recharged. I use the left over water to wash my hair.
  • Release Your Intention-
    Write a list of things you want to release. Pray and ask God to give me strength to release and forgive. Then I take my list and I burn it. you have to burn it until it’s totally gone.


Videos I love…..

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