Oprah 2020?

I think anything is possible.

Would she be a great first female President? YES

Can she relate to the average woman? YES

Is she a great business woman? YES

Would she get along with our allies? YES

Would she know how to handle our military? Maybe

Would she hire the best of the best to help her figure out our military? YES

Would she know how to handle the Middle East turmoil? Maybe

Could she bring our country together? Maybe

Could she help our inner cities poverty rate? YES

Could she help the drug problem in America? Maybe

Would she make sure every American has health insurance? YES

Does she have great leadership qualities? YES

Does she value education? YES

Does she have a good reputation? YES

Would she be a champion for civil rights? YES

Is she a great communicator? HELL YES

Does she have unwavering integrity? HELL YES

Is she honest, loyal and trustworthy? YES

Would women vote for her? YES

Would men vote for her? SOME………. and therein lies the problem.

Would I vote for Oprah? YES

Would You?


In Case you missed Oprah’s speech at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards.

what do you think?

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