My Vegan Story

People ask me all the time what finally made me go vegan. So today, I think I’ll spill the beans.

In 2012 I found out I had Celiac and my diet totally changed. First year everything went great and I started to feel better. But around that same time I started watching every documentary about food I could find. First documentary was Super Size Me, I knew at that point I would never go to McDonald’s again. Second was Fork Over Knives, at that point I realized going vegan would greatly improve my health. Next was Vegucated, Loved it but I’m stubborn and still didn’t want to change. Then I watched Earthlings, at that point I was done with meat and dairy. It just so happened it was the day before my birthday, I told my husband I don’t want a normal gluten-free birthday cake. I told him I was going vegan,he just laughed and that made me really want to go vegan. That was 40 months ago. I’ve had a few hiccups but I’ll never go back to the Standard American Diet.

Just like the first year of me going gluten-free everything went great, but I started to noticed I was eating more processed foods. My blood pressure was acting a little crazy, my thyroid decided to hate me and I was starting to gain some weight. At that point I had educated myself enough to realize I needed to go whole food plant base like a ninja.

Like most people when I first went vegan it was forĀ  my health. Now it’s for my health, the planet, the animals and it just makes me a happier person.