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I have this online blog about stuff I love but I also keep a personal gratitude journal I write in every night. I was looking for  journaling prompts when I came across this one. Looks fun so I decided I want to do it here on my blog. I think it will will be a great way for you to get to know me.  Since it’s once a week and it’s the 4th week of the new year  I’m going to go on and answer the first four today.

1. If you had the power to change anything in the world, what would you change?

2. The last time you surprised yourself.

3. A reason you’re proud of yourself.

4. The best part of your week so far.

5. A list of little things that make you happy.

6. How you’re chasing your dream.

7. A list of life-long resolutions.

8. The biggest change you want to make in your life.

9. A love letter to your life.

10. Something you’ve learned this year.

11. A quality you admire in others, and why.

12. Why you’re happy with your life right now.

13. The last risk you took and how it turned out.

14. A list of things you love about yourself.

15. Something in your life worth celebrating.

16. A little, easy change you can make in your life.

17. Things that are stressing you are right now and what you can do about it.

18. A list of things you’re thankful for.

19. A bad habit you have.

20. Ways you’ve changed for the better over the last year.

21. The best decision you’ve made this week.

22. A plan for chasing your dream.

23. The last time you got a text (or email or letter) that made you smile.

24. Your dream job.

25. Something you’d like to learn.

26. Something that’s making your unhappy with your life right now, and what you could do to change it.

27. Somewhere you want to travel.

28. A cozy morning.

29. Your favorite thing about the current season.

30. Something you wish you could go back in time and tell yourself last year.

31. If you could choose one thing about the way your life is right now to make permanent, what would it be?

32. Your favorite way to spend a morning.

33. Three things you can’t live without.

34. Quotes that inspire you.

35. Something you’re looking forward to.

36. A time in your life when you were happier than you are now. What was different?

37. A time when you were brave and how it shaped you.

38. Write a poem.

39. Your relationships with your family.

40. What you hope you to accomplish this week.

41. A five year dream plan.

42. The last five things that made you happy.

43. A goal you have for this week.

44. How you disappointed yourself recently.

45. A friendship you miss.

46. Someone you need to forgive.

47. Something you’re good at.

48. Something that makes you unique.

49. A personal statement. Silly, serious…it doesn’t matter.

50. What month is your favorite, and why?

51. A compliment someone gave you.

52. The last time you proved someone wrong.

Originally from – The Girl Who Loved to Write


1. If you had the power to change anything in the world, what would you change?

How women see themselves. I’m one of millions of women that no matter how much weight I lose, no matter how pretty my outfit looks, no matter if I’m having a great hair day I never think I’m pretty. I’m working really hard to change that because I see beauty in EVERYONE and EVERYTHING except myself.

2. The last time you surprised yourself.

When I started this blog lol. I said I was never going to do it again but here I am and I’m loving it.

3. A reason you’re proud of yourself.

I never give up. Never. Times get hard and I think I’m at my lowest but I never give up. I never will.

4. The best part of your week so far.

Finally starting to feel like a human again. I’m so over this flu. I’m just exhausted but thankful it’s almost gone.


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