Healing Takes Courage

The month of January has been a month of healing. I was not healing  only my body from this horrible flu but my mind and spirit.

I am dedicating 2018 to self love. Something I have never done before because in the past I never thought self love was important.  If you are a mother, a wife,  have an exhausting job or you are a daughter taking care of your elderly mother self love is everything.

You have to set at least an hour a day to self love. Read a book, drink a warm cup of tea, take a detox bath, watch your favorite tv show, wear your favorite pajamas, write yourself a love letter in your journal, color, paint… do whatever makes you HAPPY for ONE hour.

Did you notice I did NOT say do yoga, jog, long walk, run, meditate or anything like that? Well there is a reason for that. As much as I love yoga, taking long walks and meditating I do not count those things as part of my self love time. Why? you say…… well I put those in the health category. Those are things you need to take serious. Those are things that will help you live longer. As much as I would love watching an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians help me live longer………. sadly it won’t lol

At the beginning of January I started a bullet point journal but that lasted about a nano second. I tore January out and decided to turn my bullet point journal into a lunar journal. Since I’m 48 and going through the change….. and when I say change I mean menopause. I want to keep track of how the moon effects my mood, my migraines and food cravings. When I was younger I had the strongest willpower in the world….. Now not so much. I see a yummy gluten free vegan recipe for cupcakes online and within an hour they are in my belly.

Talking about food cravings, willpower and journaling… Have you ever keep a food journal? That’s something I might test out in the month of February.

Something else I’ve started this month is when I go to bed at night I set my cell phone to where only my husband and children can call me. I also leave my phone in my desk drawer at least 15 feet away from my bed so I don’t just wake up during the night, pick up my phone just to see what people are saying on social media.

Social media really has a way of exciting people for about 15 minutes then depressing us for the other 23 hours and 45 minutes of our day. Doesn’t matter how wonderful our life is we start looking at what other people post the we start to think we are lazy, too fat, don’t travel enough, don’t keep our house clean enough and our love life sucks. None of that is true, we just start to overthink too much. So I’ve had to keep that in mind when I check my social media and I hope you do too.

It’s amazing how your self-esteem, mind and spirit will rise up when you stop judging yourself against other people.


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