30 days of accountability

Happy Monday my Lovies, Yesterday I told my Husband I want to go 30 days without facebook. Let’s just say that comment was followed by a lot of laughter. From there I decided to take it a step further. I said… Well I think I’ll do 30 days of accountability. Then my loving Husband said and post it on your blog? Cue the theme music to Jeopardy……… I said ” sureeeeeeeeee.”. of course then I

It’s My Life

I have this online blog about stuff I love but I also keep a personal gratitude journal I write in every night. I was looking for  journaling prompts when I came across this one. Looks fun so I decided I want to do it here on my blog. I think it will will be a great way for you to get to know me.  Since it’s once a week and it’s the 4th week of

It’s Friday?

I have to be honest I’ve sucked at blogging because I started off with a badass cold that turned into a strep throat that turned in to pneumonia that turned into the flu. The past three weeks I have felt like death warmed over. I wake up some days and I can’t even remember what day it is. So please forgive me for not blogging as much as I should. Today I want to share

The Full Moon

Happy New Year. Today is January 1st and there is a beautiful full Wolf moon in the deep blue sky. This month has two full moons, a Wolf moon and a Blue moon. They are also both Supermoons so I have no doubt 2018 will be a wonderful year. The Farmer’s Almanac can explain it better than I can. I have decided that 2018 will be my year of Self Love. I want to slow

I’m Hungry

In 2006 I was at the airport about to take a trip across country, I forgot the book I wanted to read so I quickly ran into one of the shops and picked something up. The book I picked out was Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hanh. Thich is a Vietnamese monk, a Zen Master, a poet, a peace activist, author and a inspiration to millions. After reading Living Buddha, Living Christ I