30 days of accountability

Happy Monday my Lovies, Yesterday I told my Husband I want to go 30 days without facebook. Let’s just say that comment was followed by a lot of laughter. From there I decided to take it a step further. I said… Well I think I’ll do 30 days of accountability. Then my loving Husband said and post it on your blog? Cue the theme music to Jeopardy……… I said ” sureeeeeeeeee.”. of course then I heard the theme music to Jaws in my head…. Sweet Baby Jesus what have I got myself into.

So here is my plan. I want to keep track of my food, fitness, water intack, sleep and self love. I’m going to keep everything in my bullet point journal plus some days I will also blog about what I eat, drink, workout, sleep and my self love. BUT if I don’t blog about everything I will at least take a picture of my journal and post it on my blog at 10pm everynight. I will also take pics and post on my instagram.

Ok with that being said, I’m going to get off here, go eat breakfast and take the fur babies for a long walk. I hope y’all have a wonderful Monday.

what do you think?

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