The New Moon

  The New Moon starts tonight at 9:59 pm. I’m one of those crazy people that love the new moon as much if not more than the full moon. The new moon is the time when you set your goals for the next couple of weeks. I don’t like making long term goals specially when it comes to weight loss. I love setting short term goals because you are more apt to achieve them, and

Essential Oils

The past few months I’ve been researching and trying out different essential oils. A little history about Essential Oils What is your favorite brand of essential oils and how do you use them? So far I really don’t have a favorite brand, but I do make sure I always buy organic. Allspice: Reduces stress, calms, relaxes tight muscles, up lifts mood, improves digestion, naturally disinfects Basil: Calms, relieves pain, relieves fatigue, improves mental clarity, purifies

30 days of accountability

Happy Monday my Lovies, Yesterday I told my Husband I want to go 30 days without facebook. Let’s just say that comment was followed by a lot of laughter. From there I decided to take it a step further. I said… Well I think I’ll do 30 days of accountability. Then my loving Husband said and post it on your blog? Cue the theme music to Jeopardy……… I said ” sureeeeeeeeee.”. of course then I

Healing Takes Courage

The month of January has been a month of healing. I was not healing  only my body from this horrible flu but my mind and spirit. I am dedicating 2018 to self love. Something I have never done before because in the past I never thought self love was important.  If you are a mother, a wife,  have an exhausting job or you are a daughter taking care of your elderly mother self love is

It’s My Life

I have this online blog about stuff I love but I also keep a personal gratitude journal I write in every night. I was looking for  journaling prompts when I came across this one. Looks fun so I decided I want to do it here on my blog. I think it will will be a great way for you to get to know me.  Since it’s once a week and it’s the 4th week of